About Us

Binary Robot has been tested and developed for the last 2 years by a professional team of technical support staff and experienced brokers.

We are proud to present a revolutionary automatic algorithm system that enhances the way you can trade binary options and maximize your profits.

Binary Robot is a trading software that automates all of the trading process using advanced strategies which achieve the maximum correlation between the indicator and the strategy, risk and profit.

The Binary Robot contains 50 new selected assets including Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks of the capital markets around the world, assets which the Binary Robot examines with various time intervals throughout the day and makes a strategic trade for you if a good opportunity is recognized in the market.

Binary Robot is the most advanced trading tool available on the market today!

The biggest advantage of this new version is that the binary robot automatically trades for you without any need to be next to the computer or to make any action ourselves.

The Binary Robot does all the work for us, all we have to do is come and see the profits it makes for us every day.

No matter the size of the investment, Binary Robot works as educated trading software in order to greatly increase profits. The Binary Robot has maximized trading profits and achieved success rates of more than 70%. Clients who have followed the risk management rules have greatly increased their profits.The Binary Robot is currently the newest, leading and most efficient robot in the binary trading world.